DIARY week 27 & 28

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|1. Concerts in the park, Caro Emerald |2. Some nice tapas at La Cubanita |3. Homemade Burgers with friends |4. At a festival |5. At the beach, finally nice weather in The Netherlands | 6. My friend and I went to the pool for a swim, but it was closed. What to do? Yes, we had some wine | 7. Packing for Terschelling | 8. At 'De Afsluitdijk' |9. My sister loves fries, so she's got the big one |10. Sleeping at the boat | 11. We played 30 seconds, one of my favorite games | 12. In a museum at Terschelling | 13. Matching my drink with my lipstick |14. I love my sister's new T-shirt | 15. Found the cutlery in the table |

I'm still at Terschelling, one of the Islands off The Netherlands. Next week I'll post my travel photo's in a blogpost. 

Have a nice Monday!

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