DIARY: fuengirola

Here you can see the photos from my trip to Fuengirola in Spain. My grandmother and I had a great time. 
That week was a special one in Fuengirola, there were ferias (fairs) and fiƫstas. So we saw people dressed in typical Spanish clothes. I always thought typical Spanish dresses were black or red with white dots, but now we saw really beautiful dresses in every color and not only with dots (photo 13).

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OUTFIT nike air

| Jacket, Skinny and Tee: Zara | Nike air: Pro Shoes |

photos: Anke Hammerschlag

When I was at the Pro Shoes store in Leiden I found these Nike beauties! I really like the colors and they walk like heaven. 

Tomorrow I will announce the winner of the Ossom Boots giveaway. So your last chance to enter the giveaway is NOW!

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