Who let the dogs out

| Some random pics of last week | 1. I made some cupcakes, yes I need some more practice | 2. Can you find the dog? | 3. My friend Anke signing her masterdegree (Neuroscience) |

Because of not working internet last week and moving to another place last weekend there was a big lack of updates. But still I made some pictures of last week. And I'm very happy with my new home (yes back to Amsterdam). Soon I will show you some detailphotos.

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Birds of a feather flock together

| Leather jacket: Zara | Jumper: Vero Moda | Top: Monki | Leather pants: Saint Tropez | Bag: Olily | Shoes: Converse |
photo: Anke

Again an outfit with my new leather pants. Did I already tell you I also bought the pants in a brown/beige color? 

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A mint called Sen-Sen

| Jumper | Top | Dress | Shorts | Photo: Tuula Vintage

I already have a mint green jumper, but I like to add a nice mint item to my wardrobe for spring and summer. 

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And the secret's safe with me

| Selecting clothes for a fotoshoot | Spicebomb, the new spicy woody oriental fragrance for men |

2nd photo: Anke

A small diary of my weekend. In februari we have a 'friends photoshoot' and we had to select some matching clothes. Yesterday I went to De Bijenkorf with Anke. It was possible to buy Spicebomb and the first 100 buyers could engrave their number into the perfume bottle. So Anke bought the fragrance for a special person. 

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And dreamed of paradise

| Cardigan and Leathet pants: Saint Tropez | Tee: Mango | Boots: Van Dalen |

Finally I found the perfect (faux) leather pants for me. And this is also the first outfitpost with my new boots from Van Dalen.

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What should I do

I'm thinking about buying a new lens for my camera, but I don't want to spend a lot of money. So I think the Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens is the perfect answer. Do you have any experiences with this lens? Or do you have other suggestions?

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If you get the chance you must dance

Here you can see my new shoes from Van Dalen, I think you'll see them very soon in an outfitpost.

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I already told you before about Annv's shop, because I made some photos for stylist Anna Verhoef. I always like to know the people behind the webshop, so I arranged an interview with the owner of Annv's shop. 
Anna Verhoef

Can you give a short introduction about yourself?
My name is Anna Verhoef, 23 years and born in a (REALLY) small town near Amsterdam. Now living in the big city!
I think I inherited my love for fashion, especially vintage, from my dear mom who's crazy for everything that's vintage.

Why did you start a webshop?
My whole live I've been busy with fashion, I was even going to school for it.
I had so many ideas and always saw so many things I wanted to buy, even if it wasn't my own style. I know many girls have a problem with that haha. But it's just that I love to show what I like and hoping that other people like my style to. So I tought why not buy for others than my own? 

What kind of things can we buy at Annv 's Shop?
Now it's mainly vintage clothes and accessories. I love vintage, but hopefully the shop get's al little bit bigger, that I also can buy new clothes and accessories. And maybe even home accessories, also vintage.

Some items from Annv's Shop

Do you have any goals you would like to reach with your webshop?
Think I answered this question already. But I hope my shop someday get's so popular that te shop can be my only job. But that's just a dream I guess...

You can find Annv's Shop here

Yesterday you told me 'bout the blue blue sky

| Jacket and Skirt: Zara | Shirt: WE | Shoes: Nelly |

I made this photos yesterday, it was literally 'Blue Monday' because of the beautiful blue sky. Yesterday you could see already that I went to the hairdresser. It's much shorter now, but I'm very happy with my new haircut.

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Picture sounds

|1. Despite the different opinions I went to the hairdresser. In tomorrow's outfitpost you will see it better | 2. On my bike | 3. Holland | 4. I came across this nice giveaway. You can win clothes from Nola.Nova, Like it on facebook here and sign up for their newsletter. If you let them know on facebook you really like to win the giveaway you'll make more chance |

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