Yvette and I went to the Monki opening party. We had a great time!

I like the clothes very much, I think it's time for a shopping session :D


The last day we went to SoHo and because I had an amazing time in New York I wore my I love NY shirt.

I think SoHo is a very nice place with a lot of different shops. And ofcourse there is a Topshop. At Topshop I bought a beautiful light pink/nude blazer. I'm so happy with it because I searched for the perfect nude blazer for a long time. After some shopping (and waiting for my father because he was lost for 45 minutes) we had lunch at Famous Ben's Pizza (yes again haha). When we were done, we took a taxi back to our hotel. From there (Times Square) I did some shopping again. I bought Steve Madden wedges, they're black suede.

In the afternoon we changes clothes and went to the airport. We had a crazy taxidriver: when he saw a traffic jam, he turned around on the highway.

And now is my New York trip over, but I'm definitely sure I'll come back again!
My new bag from Urban Outfitters

Boredom at the airport

Amber: I love NY shirt, shorts: Levi's, Bag: Urban Outfitters
Naomi: shirt: Zara, Skinny Jeans: LTB


The Fourth day we went on a TV & Movie tour, the whole tour would be like 3,5 hours but because of the traffic it was kind of longer dan the already long 3,5 hours. But It was awesome, we had a very funny guide and I think it was very cool to recognize places from movies and tv shows. In the 3 hours we saw a lot and I'll show you the highlights.

You can see the colombus circle in I am Legend, Taxi Drive, Enchanted and Cloverfield

A lot of movies and series have scenes at the Plaza hotel like Bride Wars, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York and Sleepless in Seatle

You can see the Washington Square Park in I am Legend, Enchanted, When Harry Met Sally. (and probably a lot more)

This is the door from the house of Spiderman.

We stopped in for a slice at Ben’s Pizza, one of the most famous pizza places in New York City, and filming location for Men In Black II. We took the Men in Black special

The judical building from Law & Order (and so many other movies/series)

Firehouse FDNY Ladder 8 from Ghostbusters and Hitch

The Huxtables’ house from The Cosby Show

Seinfeld Cookie

The Friends Apartment. Before we arrived we sang the themesong from friends at the bus (under pressure of the guide)

And last but not least the Palace Hotel, wich you will recognize from Gossip Girl (Sorry for the blurry pic)!


This day we went on a TV & Movie Tour, I'll make a special post about it. Otherwise there to many pics in this post.

Like every morning we woke up early (jetlag!) and the bus tour was at 11. My father tought the bus goes from the Plaza Hotel. So we went to the Plaza hotel and we had one hour left to amuse ourselves. Naomi and I went looking for a Starbucks and find one, Thank God 'cause it took a while! Frappuccino caramel with whipped cream, yummie. Round 10.45 we went to the starting point of the bustour but guess what it wasn't the right starting point it was 10 streets and 3 avenues away. We started to run, but that didn't really work out so we took a taxi and yes we made it in time.

After the TV & Movie tour we had dinner at Times Square. The Restaurant had a buffet and there was sushi, yummie again.

After dinner my sister and I went to the cinema, we thought it would be a nice expercience to go to the movies in New York. The first different we noticed was the drink sizes. The second different were the cinema chairs, they were very comfy!! We saw Charlie St. Cload. It was a beautiful movie wit a sort of romantic touch. It's definitely worth a watch!

The mirror didn't show the beautiful Snow White, but it prooved to be smart enough to show us the weather

The hotel elevator

A small drink at the cinema in NY is lika a big drink at a cinema in The Netherlands

Top and Shorts: H&M, Hairband: Pieces
Shirt: Pure, Skirt: H&M