I’m walking down the street

| Coat: Mexx | Cardigan: Saint Tropez | Tee: WE | Denim Shorts: H&M | Chelsea Boots: Topshop |

I found my very old wintercoat from Mexx and thought it would be nice wearing it with my new Cardigan. I'm also wearing my new boots from Topshop. 

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Down on the beach

I went to Schevingen  with my sister, we walked for one hour and went to the cinema. Sherlock Holmes II, a very beautiful movie if you asked me. 

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May we all have a vision now and then

Supertrash | Golden Skinny | Blazer | Body | Bangles | Boots |

Last week I made a total outfit with items from Mango. This week it's all from Supertrash! Because it's almost 2012 I made a NYE outfit.

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Confetti on the floor

| Sequin Jacket: WE | Denim Blouse: Oasis | Skinny: Zara | Shoes: Converse |

This is what I was wearing yesterday. I went to the cinema with my parents and sister. We went to New Year's Eve, I think it was a perfect movie for the December Holidays. 

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Something magic in the night

| 1. At Naomi | 2. Coca-Cola Truck | 3. The Hague | 4. My sister made me some nice breakfast |

After working on Tuesday and Wednesday and doing some shopping wit a friend on Thursday I went to The Hague at Friday. My sister Naomi study Graphic Design at the Royal Academy of Art The Hague. She has a great appartement and it was very nice spending some time with her in The Hague. 

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Winter, spring, summer or fall

Here you see a review of my winter, spring, summer and fall outfits of 2011.

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Walked into the winter, came out on the other side

| Parka: Mango| Shoes: Nelly | Bag: Urban Outfitters | Hat : H&M |

It looks like I'm just wearing some tights and a jumper underneath my coat, but thats not true. I'm definitely wearing some shorts. But you can't really see them on the photo. 

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