DIARY: fuengirola

Here you can see the photos from my trip to Fuengirola in Spain. My grandmother and I had a great time. 
That week was a special one in Fuengirola, there were ferias (fairs) and fiƫstas. So we saw people dressed in typical Spanish clothes. I always thought typical Spanish dresses were black or red with white dots, but now we saw really beautiful dresses in every color and not only with dots (photo 13).

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9 opmerkingen:

Britt zei

Mooie foto's Amber!

(Retro) Sonja zei

Mooie foto's zeg! Ziet eruit als een leuke reis! :) XX

Judith | Juudithhome zei

hele mooie foto's! Ik ben jaloers! xo

Esmay zei

Ziet er heel tof en gezellig uit :D mooie foto's!

Angela zei

great hat!!
like your sunnies!!

Angela Donava

Unknown zei

Beautiful pictures! Looks like a great trip.

xo www.angielovess.blogspot.com

Tali @ RockMyHeels zei

Looks like you had great time indeed!
Amazing photos, they make me want to go there too.


PSbyDila zei

Wat een prachtige foto's!

Fashion Oase zei

Wat een super mooie foto's! Welke camera gebruik jij als ik vragen mag?