NEW black leather bag

Finally I found the perfect leather bag for me. I love the Céline Boston Bag, but it's way too expensive for me. I was searching a black leather bag which reminds me of the Boston Bag for a long time. But last week I saw this (real leather) bag and I immediately falled in love with it. I bought it at the Jutka and Riska store in Haarlem. 

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Joy. | zei

Wauw, echt super tas is t!

wdn th zei
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Les is more zei

Wat een super tas! Geweldig chique.

Cate Adriana B. zei

heel erg mooi!


Cate Adriana B

Esmay zei

Pretty bag :D

Your Lifestyle Guide zei

Wat een plaatje zeg! Heel mooi!

Stephanie zei

Love this bag!

Carolyn zei

gorgeous leather!