Who let the dogs out

| Some random pics of last week | 1. I made some cupcakes, yes I need some more practice | 2. Can you find the dog? | 3. My friend Anke signing her masterdegree (Neuroscience) |

Because of not working internet last week and moving to another place last weekend there was a big lack of updates. But still I made some pictures of last week. And I'm very happy with my new home (yes back to Amsterdam). Soon I will show you some detailphotos.

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Paula zei

Hhaha, So cute that dog!

I just posted some outfit photo's and I would really love if you would like to leave a comment! Your opinion means a lot to me.
xo Paula


Les is more zei

haha cutie dog! en heerlijke cupcakes. mmm

Femke | Younique zei

Dat hondje...zo schattig! En wat knap van je vriendin :O