Welcome to the jungle

| 1. A shelf in my sisters room, with some of her projects. Also her schoolproject to follow someone, you can see more here | 2. Some magazines including the Beau Monde. My cousin writes a column for Beau Monde | 3. The room of an art student (my sister) | 4. A good vanilla latte |

Ofcourse I also went to a NYE party yesterday, I'll make a special diary post of the evening.

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4 opmerkingen:

Femke | Younique zei

Ik vind dit soort posts altijd heel erg leuk...zo mooi gefotografeerd! X

Rachel zei

(spot ik daar copic markers!)
haha sorry kon het niet laten.
mooie post

Nanx zei

Superleuke foto's en blog, je post altijd stylish dingen :)

Whitney zei

Lovely pictures!

Xoxo Whitney