I'm very happy with this jumper, I really like the color (pic1).
I bought this jumper at, I love that vintage webshop.

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Beautiful Things zei

cute jumper! x

kelsea zei

i just saved this pic of lara stone to my inspiration folder this morning, wearing what appears to be your new sweater ^_^

it was in september vogue i think

xxjetjj zei


mikala zei

wow! I love this sweater! Beautifull!


Wendy zei

You're right, the color is lovely!

Cucu zei

LIKE it!!!
Are you interested in following each other?


& thanks for your comment! :)

Freyja zei

erg leuk !!

behindblueeyes zei

lovely jumper! I love these colour

Natalia zei

What a beautiful colour! A fantastic purchase, I love all shades of aquamarine <3

Your Lifestyle Guide zei

Mooi! Ben benieuwd hoe hij je staat! Je hebt een leuke blog, ik volg je via bloglovin!

kirstyb zei

fabulous xxx

Sarah zei

Leuk! Lijkt me heerlijk zitten.

LA zei

Really love this jumper!


Sarah zei

Aaaah coool!

She's Dressing Up zei

It looks so cosy =]

CoffeeBlooms zei

lovely color! :)

Becca zei

Love it, so cute.

Mode Junkie zei

love them chunky knits. and the color is perfection!

xoxo Mode Junkie

High On High Heels zei

Leuk! Geweldige kleur <3