Today I dyed my hair again, but it's actually too dark now I think.
Yesterday i got stung by a wasp on my eyelid...auch. So it's still a bit thick.

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Emma zei

Tis echt mooi vind ik ;) x

Cucu zei

Thank for following my blog! I'm following yours too :P


Mumbles zei

Hey, you look so pretty
I like your hair
and the grey tee on my post is by Phillip Lim


Unknown zei

Je haar is echt heel mooi !

Your Lifestyle Guide zei

look great!

Astrid Anna zei

Uwwww, I like it this dark! I'm thinking about dying my hair too. Perhaps red.. Don't know yet!


mooie foto's en een superleuke trui trouwens :)

Danielle Barbe zei

i love it dark, actually! keep it.

Samira // Spraak-Water zei

Ik vind je haar mooi! Xx zei

very cute.

michelle_ zei

i dont think its too dark !
i think it looks fab on you :)

Angélique zei

Ik vind het wel leuk!

Xann zei

Love the hairrr!

Sophia Molen zei

laatste foto is echt vet!!

Mode Junkie zei

that first pic is sooo fun! ;)
loving your new hair color!

PS: thanks for the super sweet comment on my blog!

xoxo Mode Junkie

Unknown zei

great post

Anoniem zei

Mooie foto's! En mooi je haar! Het staat je heel goed!

My Lack of Style zei

Die eerste foto is leuk en LOVE je haar!!

Teresa zei

I like your new hair colour!


Petitebine zei

Leuke foto's, mooi haar heb je :)

Nina zei

WOW, your hair are awesome!


wat een gave foto!