I just arrived yesterday and I really had a great time in New York. New York is beautiful in it's own way. The whole atmosphere is awesome with the skyscrapers, the yellow caps, the sirenes and even the tourists. We stayed at the Paramount Hotel, 20 meters from Times Square. I shared my room with my little sister (Naomi, 19 years, Graphic Designer).

The first day we went on a tour with a helicopter, it was really amazing. The flight took about 15-20 minutes and believe me, it was a experience of a lifetime. I definitely recommend a helicopter flight to everyone who's going to NY. You get the most beautiful overview from manhattan and it's just very cool to be in a helicopter. All with the headphones and a pilot beside you. It was fun! We saw the skyscrapers, the Statue of Liberty, Central Park and at last but not least the Yankees Stadion.

After the Helicopter adventure we walked to Pier 17. Pier 17 is a shopping center with some restaurants. I like this part very much, I think it was quite new in Manhattan and it had a good vibe! After lunch we did a little shopping. Naomi bought a cute bra at Victoria Secret. We also had a nice view from Pier 17!

Here you can see our hotel room with the bed and my clothes hanging in the closet

I like to think they were recording a scene for a movie or series, but I don't know for sure. Although it looks like it! Later we did a TV & Movie tour (I'll tell you all about it later in another post) and they told us there was a lot of filming for Law and Order in New York, so who knows!

Here you can see my sister in her blue red outfit at pier 17. I really like her bag

Amber (me): Jumpsuit: River Island, Hairband: Pieces, Shoes: Shick Shoes, Sunglasses: H&M
Naomi: Shirt: H&M, Shorts: ZARA, Bag: Blue Blood, sunglasses: H&M

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Anoniem zei

Oh wooow! NY! *_* Love your look!

imfashionstoned zei

Wauw ziet er super uit!!!

Lexie V. zei

Aaah ik ben jaloers, was er vorig jaar en als ik dit zie wil ik echt terug :( Leuke outfit heb je aan!

Sophia Molen zei

Wauw wat super vet!! Ik wil ook zoo graag naar New York! En wat zie je er leuk uit! Echt leuk die band om je hoofd heen!

La penderie de ChloƩ zei


Thank you for sharing :)

Unknown zei

i love love love new york x

blog zei

i looooveee new york!!
I'll buy an aviator jacket from Blanco (but it's only in spain)
but in primark i saw an aviator jacket like burberry's jacket and i love it, but im far from primark!

Carissa zei

have a nice trip. I always love NY. hope someday I can go there


Ziet er geweldig uit! Je bril met dots is echt awsome. <3

x Caramelle

the red bungalow zei

I've never actually been to NYC. I'm a west coast girl, but eventually SOMEDAY I'll make my way over there. :)

Bre @

D e g a i n e zei

New York is so amazing, looks like you had a lot of fun!


Anoniem zei

Superleuke blog!

Unknown zei

JALOERS!! hahaha :)


(check out my new post)

The fashion building / DIY zei

Wat leuk allemaal!
En je hebt erg leuke kleren aan zeg.