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For many years the ss Rotterdam was sailing across the Atlantic (Rotterdam - New York). For now it will stay in our biggest harbour city. Onboard you can do a lot, like a tour with an audio set (see photo 4) or just have a coffee is also a possibility. But the most special thing in my opinion is the fact you can sleep on the ship. Yes the ss Rotterdam is also a hotel!

My Grandmother and I had a blast at the ss Rotterdam. The tour was really nice. I like the way you bumped into the crew, who are volunteers. They told us all about how life was on the ship. Afters spending the day on the ship I felt asleep easily (their beds are so good!) and I dreamt of going to New York with the ss Rotterdam. Ok that's not totally true, but I thought it would be a nice end of this story...

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Unknown zei

Great post and love pics!


monique zei

Hele gave foto's! :)

Kaya zei

Superleuke foto's

Anoniem zei

Wat gaaf, ik wil er ook nog eens heen!
Liefs, Swaen

Unknown zei

Ziet er super leuk uit!! XX