OUTFIT burgundy skirt

| Burgundy Skirt: HM | Tee: WE | Biker Boots: Taft | Leather jacket: Zara | Backpack: Dakine, Borrowed from my sister |

photos: Naomi

Meet my burgundy skirt! It's a skirt with a story. Actually I was wearing this asymmetrical one. But when I was on my way to do some shopping, I was hit by bird droppings.......ieuw. Immediately I went to the H&M to buy this skirt! 

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8 opmerkingen:

Lana zei

Haha a skirt with a story :p. Leuke outfit!

Naina zei

Always good to have items that have their own little history ;) And I LOVE the color of your eyes!


mirjam schuurkamp zei

i really love the burgundy color!

New outfit post ; full of spikes

mirjam schuurkamp zei

jemig ik ben het zo gewend om alles in het engels te typen:P
maar k vind de kleur je super staan


Romy zei

Het staat je erg mooi!

Jardin de la Mode zei

Leuke look! ♥


Jardin de la Mode zei
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Fashionjunks zei

Erg leuke outfit! xxx