Behind the clouds, the sun is shining (Turkey day 1)

1.On our way to the harbor | 2. Cute little boat | 3. My grandpa and Naomi | 4. A house in Torba| 5. my outfit | 6. Big Turtle | 7. Harbor of Torba | 8. my favourite sandals | 9. Smiddy | 10. Grandpa and is cocktail | 11. I love Pina Colada | 12. Grandma with her White Russian | 13. Ready for dinner|

My grandparents were so sweet to take my sister (Naomi), cousin (Smiddy) and me on a holiday. THANK YOU!!! We went to Turkey. At the first day it was cloudy in the morning, so we went for a walk. We walked to the harbor of Torba (little village near Bodrum). Luckily, the sun began to break through after we had lunch. So we enjoyed the sun fo the rest of the day.

Gilet, Sandals and Top: New Look | Shorts: H&M
Blazer and Top: Zara | Trousers: MET jeans | Shoes: River Island

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Femke | Younique zei

Hé wat leuk! Ik ben ook naar Turkije geweest :) Maar je zag er stukken stijlvoller uit dan mij ;p Love it!

Jet♥ zei

hele mooie foto's!