© Inspired by Miroslava Duma

I saw this photo of the beautiful and always stylish Mirsoslava Duma and had to try this outfit on me (Is this a weird sentence? I'm sorry). And I know I'm not a miroslava look-a-like but I like the outfit. It's warm and comfy, but maybe too sportive for me. What do you think?

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Phuong zei

staat je goed

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Toothfairy zei

wat leuk nagedaan!

Sjaar zei

Heb je goed gedaan! Zij is echt mooi.

Unknown zei

I love this! You've actually inspired me to try it too, hahaha, I just need to get me a fur vest first :)


Nina zei

aaah die trui is leeuk!
haha njaa.. ik wouw liever iets anders, maar pap vond dat helemaal leuk, dusja.. nu vind k t ook wel grappig hihi:)

heb weer n nieuwe post hihi:)


Unknown zei

hee wat leuk ! Toen ik eventjes snel keek dacht ik dat het gewoon allebei Miroslava was. Leuk gedaan !

Absolutely Mrs. K zei

I didn’t see the difference, when I looked closer I realized it was you. Fabulous inspiration. I love the fact that she combined the easy style with a very posh bag.

michelle_ zei

i love how u took the inspiration into your own :)
i would have never guessed big hoodies can look stylish !

glisters and blisters

Unknown zei

great inspiration! lijkt er idd precies op :)


Aie Corpuz zei

new follower here!


Marielleheart zei

oh wow wat leuk gedaan! ik moest echt 2x kijken!

Loes zei

haha in eerste instantie dacht ik dat het twee keer dezelfde persoon was ;p

Nadine zei

Heel erg leuk gedaan! en zij is idd geweldig! :) xx

Anoniem zei

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Anoniem zei

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